Tanya baptism

I. Sharing


1 sec. Hello, dear brothers & sisters.

5-12. Time has passed and I want to introduce you to a new brother.


13-15. Hello to everyone! My name is Zhenya. I’m studying here in a local university.

16-29. We have a great celebration today. My classmate Tanya is going to be baptized now.

30-44. I want to wish her all the best. Wish her be filled by the Word. May God bless her!


45. Let me tell a little.

50-1.24 I have watched Tanya a lot. She eagerly studied the Bible. She had many questions, much struggle. It was quite difficult for her to choose the right life-way. But today she is going to be baptized. That’s amazing!

1.25-1.29. We shall have the first deaf sister in Ukraina!


1.30-1.34. Yes! They are so happy! Welcome!

II. Baptism

1.32-1.35. Slava. “Excellent! She’s saved!”

1.54. Slava. “Let’s pray right now”.

2.04- Roman’s praying. Julia’s translating. “God – our Father!

That’s so valuable for us! Time’s passed, but she has already baptized! that’s amazing!

2.13. Thank You – You gave her a Holy Spirit! She is the first deaf sister in Ukraine! That’s cool!

2.20. Our group was begun! I’m so happy!

2.23. Bless her Father. Bless us by having many new sisters and brothers, by seeing many changed lives! Amen!