Patty Herrenbruck

Patty Herrenbruck was baptized on April 10, 1990 in Kansas City. She moved to Indianapolis in 1992. She became a Disciple because Jesus had sacrificed himself for her. Also she wants go to Heaven wheres there are peace, love and no worries!!

Patty’s biggest challenge being deaf disciple: limited support from her church to meet her special needs, grew up in the hearing world and trying to learn to be involved with the Deaf Ministry, and seek advice from Joe & Carole Cepeda for spiritual support for the Deaf Ministry at her church. Her best memory as a disciple was when she attended the Deaf Retreat at the Big Bear, CA on 2006. Patty inspired about fellowships with deaf disciples at the Deaf Retreat. She enjoyed contacting deaf disciples and spiritual encouragements from out of state in USA by mobile texts, emails, and videophones. Her favorite scriptures in the bible is 1 Corinthians 13. Patty’s goals for the Deaf Ministry at Indy: her Deaf Ministry group to meet and unify for once a month, monthly outreach deaf events to build friendships to the deaf and interpreters, baptize deaf disciples, & Deaf Retreat meet different locations in US.

Pattys photo is the first on the left below.