Deaf Ministry at Ukraine

My name is Slava Matsiuk. Me & my wife Julia are COC leaders in Vinnitsya, Ukraine. It’s on the south-west border of Russia. The Church was planted 6 years ago and now has 27 disciples.

A month ago Roman Harchuk – a disciple from Odessa (South of Ukraine) came to our city for study in the university. He is a young 19 years old guy and he is absolutely deaf. We knew about that a couple months ago, so we began to study sign language. Now my wife Julia fluently speaks and partly translate sermons.

As a fact I make two notes of preaches: 1 – for Roman. I also make effort to study his language. Twice a week Roma stays overnight with us, so we can speak a lot and teach one another.

Almost all disciples in our Church are inspired to be in Christian fellowship with Roman. They study the sign language, sisters invite him to dates, brothers and families – to their homes for fellowship. Roman’s arrival unified all of us.

A week ago we made our every-year missionary-social project. It’s like a family game or play. We invited many non-christian families to take part in it. Roman also invited some guys from his university group. And one of them (he is an orphan deaf) came. Now we study the Bible with him! His name is Zhenya. Pray for him please. And a 11 years old deaf boy – a neighbor of ours, came also, and now we’re in a good fellowship.

Amazingly, Roman was a team-leader of one group consist with deaf and hearing people. That was fabulous! We all secretly cried. We pray God to make miracles through Roman. Our goal – to provide a possibility for deaf in our city to know a real massage about Jesus. We know how large groups of deaf Jehova’s witnesses and baptists have. And our hearts are full of zeal. Pray for us, please. Also, there are two young deaf disciples in Odessa (Roman baptized them), but only Roman’s parents can deeply speak with them about discipleship. We constantly pray for them.

We need in many advice how to study the Bible with deaf people, to treat young disciples, to grow leadership etc.

Please, be in touch with us.

With love in Christ.
Slava & Julia Matsiuk’s

on the 01 foto from left to right: Maks (our neighbor), Roman, I, my 8 years old daughter, my wife Julia & Zhenya.

on the 02 – they’re discussing the tactic of the round.