Joe Cepeda’s 15 years Spiritual Birthday

Hello This is Joe Cepeda. Today I celebrated 15 years of spiritual birthday. My best flashbacks as a disciple are: getting baptized on November 21, 1996 and marrying my beautiful deaf wife, Carole, on September 17, 2005. 3 reasons for me to become a disciple: to overcome my depression of being heart broken when my ex-girlfriend broke up with me because of a pregnancy which lead to a miscarriage, to accept my deafness and learn to improve my communication skills to others, to not commit suicide and appreciate God convicted my life to become a different person and to be grateful for salvation. My favorite bible verse is 1 Corinthians 7: 10 “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.” Through this verse, I have learn that Godly sorrow is showed only when I forgive myself and forgive others, as I made mistakes in life or as someone hurt my feelings. I am not perfect but it is important to follow Christ daily by reading the bible and praying to have solid relationship to God and to His disciples.

My favorite sports are NBA, NFL, MLB and martial arts.

I have been volunteering for the Deaf Ministry ICOC website ( for over 2 years and I love every moment of it. It is fun and inspiring to get connected to the Deaf Ministry family around the world and to build relationships with the brothers and sisters. Carole & I love to attend deaf events to socialize with deaf friends.

My spiritual vision is to baptize interpreters and deaf disciples at Mission Point Christian Church (MPCC). My dream career is to work any deaf organization so I can improve my ASL skills with deaf employees and deaf customers. I do enjoy educating hearing people so they can learn how to communicate to the deaf and to promote Video Relay Services products for the deaf.

Happy Thanksgiving to USA and enjoy your upcoming holidays!

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  1. Good day my brother in Christ!

    I am Alex D. Leonora from the Philippine Churches of Christ here in Davao City. I am grateful to GOD to hear the Church Deaf Ministry website.

    At present, I am working as a teacher at the Deaf Ministries Institute where I’ve been teaching in the Elementary, High School and College level.
    My dream is to become an Interpreter/a Teacher and I am looking forward to be trained in the Church especially in the Deaf Ministry.

    To GOD be all the glory.

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