4th Deaf Trivia

The answers for the 3rd Trivia questions from 10-31-11 are shown below:
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. B

Did anyone answer all of them correctly? Are you ready for the next Trivia today?

1. When was the 1st Deaf Trivia started on DMICOC website?

A. June 29, 2011
B. August 29, 2011
C. April 1, 2010
D. August 29, 2010

2. On the DMICOC article on 10-10-11, which city is Zhenya from?

A. Vinnitsya
B. Moscow
C. Paris
D. Odessa

3. Who is Matt Hamill?

A. Professional deaf soccer player
B. Professional deaf football player
C. Retired deaf American Wrestler & Mixed Martial Arts
D. Professional deaf hockey player

4. Which company in US developed the 1st videophone technology for the deaf in 2002?

A. Purple
D. Sorenson Communications

5. What kind of disability does Helen Keller have?

A. Hard of Hearing
B. Deaf and Hard of Hearing
C. Amputations
D. Muscular Dystrophy

The answers will be shown on the next 5th Trivia on December 26th, 2011. Good luck!