3rd Anniversary DMICOC

Happy 3rd Anniversary DMICOC! Joe Cepeda would like to say special thanks to the disciples who volunteered to edit articles for posted on the website. He appreciates those who have visited his website for the past 3 years. He believes the Lord will provide for his needs in order to have a successful and inspiring website.

There will be over 32 disciples attending the 1st Deaf Conference at the World Discipleship Summit (WDS) in San Antonio, TX on July 5-8, 2012. Interpreter services will be available during worship services. We are excited to announce that a new Web Technology partner, John Scamardella, will team up with Joe Cepeda to help with new updates for DMICOC website. WDS videos will be available with subtitles to be posted on DMICOC website for our Deaf Ministry family who aren’t able to attend it. Stay tune!

Within the past 3 years, Joe Cepeda contacted the church leaders around the world for long hours and worked hard for the Deaf Ministry ICOC.  I would appreciate it if the ICOC disciples would to contact me when there is an established Deaf Ministry that I can add to the list. Currently, there are 11 churches around the world that have a Deaf Ministry. Here are churches:

Boston, Massachusetts (1 deaf disciple)

Greensboro, North Carolina (1 deaf disciple)

Indianapolis, Indiana (2 deaf disciples & 4 interpreters)

Los Angeles, California (14 deaf disciples & 11 interpreters)

Staten Island, New York (2 deaf disciples)

San Antonio, Texas (3 deaf disciples & 1 interpreter)

Washington DC (1 deaf disciple & 6 interpreters)

Abidjan, Ivory Coast (18 deaf disciples & 2 interpreters)

Almaty, Kazakhstan (3 deaf disciples 2 interpreters)

Moscow, Russia (1 deaf disciple)

Vinnitsya, Ukraine (3 deaf disciples & 2 interpreters)

As our brothers and sisters are spread out throughout the world, let us consider the importance of keeping in communication with each other.  Whether that is through Skype, videophone or emails, we all would benefit from the spiritual support and encouragement.

Joe is very grateful to be connected with the 11 churches of the Deaf Ministry.  He has many goals for 2012: to get a new profile from churches that plan on establishing our ministry, to fulfill the strong need to have a bigger Web Technology team to assist him for the DMICOC website, for there to be a 2nd Deaf Conference to connect with the World Conference in the near future in which we would encourage International Deaf Ministry to attend, & to continue to receive good news articles from around the world so they can be posted on the DMICOC website.

Rochester has the largest deaf population, over 90,000, in the US according to NY Times. Joe has strong faith and passion for Rochester ICOC (www.ricoc.org) to establish a Deaf Ministry in the near future. He is willing to support the Rochester disciples via long distance videophone & Skype, as they have deaf bible studies.