2012 Deaf Conference

The schedule for the Deaf Conference is now finalized. You can view it at www.icocconference.org/conferences/deaf/schedule.

The Fuddruckers lunch event for our conference that was planned on Saturday, July 7th, 2012 from 12pm-2pm is cancelled due to conflict from class schedule at 11:30am-1pm. Also, there is not enough time to prepare for this event, and the bus is scheduled to pick up disciples at 3pm. We encourage our ministries to do their best to plan times on your own for fellowship during the lunch breaks and the dinner time after worship services on July 5-7, 2012. We did our best to plan lunch event for our conference to have special time together. We apologize for inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding.

In Christ,

Joe/Carole Cepeda
Assistant Deaf Conference Coordinators