11th Deaf Trivia

Did anyone answer all of them correctly? Are you ready for the next Trivia today?

The answers for the 8th Trivia questions from 5-28-12 are shown below:

1. D
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. A

1. On the article 6-18-12, Who is the Director of the World Discipleship Summit?
A. Roger Lamb
B. Justin Rendon
C. Mike Taliaferro
D. Steve Johnson

2. Anya Trukhina is a single deaf disciple from Moscow.
A. True
B. False

3.When was the first open-captioned film called ‘America the Beautiful’?
A. 1958
B. 1948
C. 1960
D. 1980

4. What is the name of the US President who signed the charter for the Washington, D.C based college for the deaf?
A. Thomas Jefferson
B. Theodore Roosevelt
C. John F. Kennedy
D. Abraham Lincoln

5. What type of hearing aids device was approved in 1985?
A. In the Ear Canal Hearing Aids
B. Digital Hearing Aids
C. Cochlear Implants
D. Wireless Hearing Aids

The answers will be shown on the next 12th Trivia on July 30th, 2012. Good luck!