2nd Open-Caption Movie

Joe Cepeda changed his Facebook Community page title. It had been called San Antonio Deaf Open-Caption Movie (SADOCM). Since June 8th, 2012 it will be the Deaf Open-Caption Movie (DOCM). The new name better reflects the interests of the Deaf Community.

The 2nd Open-Caption Movie featured: ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ on Friday, June 22nd at 9pm, at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Stone Oak. Deaf and hard of hearing persons are interested in watching new release movies.

When a captioned movie is featured for the deaf community, there is the concern that a number of tickets get sold (50-80). Although, management has voiced support for this program regardless of the attendance, meeting the goal of a minimum of tickets, will encourage further support for the captioned movies. It is very satisfying how the deaf community has responded to the captioned events; that support is going to guaranty the continuation of the captioned featured movies.

God answered our prayers when the tickets were sold out in the last hour before the movie was to start at 9pm. For two consecutive months the Open-Caption events have been sold out. We are very grateful to the Deaf Community friends for attending and supporting these events. It is wonderful to meet new groups of friends from the large Deaf Community fellowship; the captioned events will give all members opportunities for networking before and after the movies.

3rd Open-Caption Movie for The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled on July 3rd, 2012. 4th Open-Caption Movie for The Dark Night Rises is scheduled on July 20th, 2012. Stay tune for upcoming DOCM articles!

Special thanks for Brandon Wheeler, Manager at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Stone Oak, and Michael Razzen, co-host of DOCM, for making this special event successful.