Regina McWright

Taryn, a sister from the Dekalb Church reached out to Regina McWright who is Deaf. Taryn contacted Nancy Dawson from the Chicago Church to help with the studies because Taryn does not know American Sign Language (ASL).

In January 2021, Patty Herrenbruck, a sister from the Indianapolis Church got a text from Laura Bolender also of the Indianapolis Church, asking for help with the Bible study.

Laura Bolender, Nancy Dawson, Lynn Mott (Dekalb Church), and Patty were all involved in Regina’s studies.

Regina was hungry for the word as evidenced by her consistency in her studies despite being a single mother of 4, dealing with health issues, and even being admitted in the hospital just one week before her baptism. 

Regina was released from the hospital on May 28th, Nancy asked her if she wanted to get baptized that Sunday, May 30th. She said YES!

Patty and Alice (another Deaf sister in Indianapolis) surprised Regina by showing up for her baptism. They drove for 4 hours to support her baptism! Regina was so shocked that Patty and Alice came that she cried. 

After the baptism, Phil and Jill Perez (leaders of the Dekalb Church) held a cookout to celebrate our new sister in Christ. 

A background info about Regina: She is a single mother of 4. Three of Regina’s children are in elementary and one is in college. Those involved in her studies say she has a great sense of humor, is open about her life, and her struggles. She maintains a positive person regardless of what life throws at her. She is a gift from God to our fellowship.

Photo above from left to right: Jill Perez, Alce Waddell, Regina McWright, Patty Herrenbruck, & Nancy Dawson