Greater Philadelphia Deaf Ministry

Michelle Moody, Martin Riegler, Jonathan McGrath are team interpreters at Greater Philadelphia Deaf Ministry.  They interpreted a song called Forever Jones’ “He Wants It All” on February 13th, 2011.  We performed the ‘communion meditation’ song in front of our friends, families and visitors. It was an awesome experience. We may get to perform it again in the near future. The video is shown below.

Katie Kessler

My whole life grew up going to church. Every week, sometimes two, three times a week. I was taught that God will take care of me. He provided me with physical things, such as my loving family, my health and an education. And also spiritual things such as peace, joy and kindness. But when I moved out of my home in the mountains and into the valley to California State University Northridge, I quickly learned that I was in love with the things that God provided me with, and I was not in love with my Provider. When I was approached by Zachary Lotane, deaf disciple, and he simply asked if I wanted to go to his church, I never knew that my life would pernamently be changed. I felt loved and accepted by the church and started to study the Bible. After months of walking through the “valley of the shadow of death” God revealed His glorious plans for me and I made Jesus Christ my Lord and was baptized. I died to myself and came alive in Christ on January 20, 2011. I am currently pursue to study Interpreter Program to get certified interpreter for the deaf. I am involved the Los Angeles Church of Christ Deaf Ministry.
Her picture is shown on the Photos tab.

Deaf Conference

Dear Deaf Ministry & ICOC Family,

We want to invite you to the 2012 World Discipleship Summit in San Antonio, Texas on July 5-8, 2012. The summit will be hosted by the Mission Point Christian Church and will include the: International Leadership Conference (ILC), International Campus Ministry Conference (ICMC), International Youth and Family Ministry Conference (IYFMC), International Singles Conference (ISC), and the first ever International Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference (IDHHC)!

Each morning and evening summit attendees will meet in the AT&T Center for main speeches and presentations. During the late morning and afternoon the individual conference meetings and activities will be held at the Gonzales Conference Center near the world famous RiverWalk. The IDHHC conference is being organized by Joe Collins, Evangelist and Deaf Ministry Leader in Los Angeles. In addition, Joe Cepeda, Deaf Ministry member and resident of San Antonio will be assisting, along with several other Deaf Ministry members from Los Angeles and elsewhere.

We are welcome your input, ideas and suggestions. With your help we believe that the first ever International Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference will be a great success! Please check in from time to time at this website for more information.


In Christ,

Joe/Carole Cepeda

San Antonio, TX

ICOC Deaf Ministry website

Joe/Lynette Collins

Los Angeles, CA

IDHHC Coordinators

Loving the Deaf Community as Disciples of Jesus