Katie Kessler

My whole life grew up going to church. Every week, sometimes two, three times a week. I was taught that God will take care of me. He provided me with physical things, such as my loving family, my health and an education. And also spiritual things such as peace, joy and kindness. But when I moved out of my home in the mountains and into the valley to California State University Northridge, I quickly learned that I was in love with the things that God provided me with, and I was not in love with my Provider. When I was approached by Zachary Lotane, deaf disciple, and he simply asked if I wanted to go to his church, I never knew that my life would pernamently be changed. I felt loved and accepted by the church and started to study the Bible. After months of walking through the “valley of the shadow of death” God revealed His glorious plans for me and I made Jesus Christ my Lord and was baptized. I died to myself and came alive in Christ on January 20, 2011. I am currently pursue to study Interpreter Program to get certified interpreter for the deaf. I am involved the Los Angeles Church of Christ Deaf Ministry.
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