Memorial Service for Carole Cepeda in Los Angeles, CA

Carole Daphne Cepeda passed away from this earthly life on May 2, 2013. Her death from cancer at age 43 ended her life far too soon.  But her legacy of devotion to others will live on for many years.

Carole was born deaf and raised as a Kingdom Kid  in South Africa and Canada. Her parents, Doug Lightening and Daphne Renton, helped plant the church in Johannesburg.

Carole was baptized as a teen in 1986.  She moved to Los Angeles in 1995 to be part of the Deaf Ministry in the L.A. Church.  The loving and encouraging spirit she had toward the deaf disciples in L.A. and other cities was an inspiration to all who knew her.

She met her future husband, Joe Cepeda, when he was visiting the L.A. Deaf Ministry from his home town of San Antonio in 2002.  The initial meeting led to a long-distance friendship to a dating relationship in 2004.  They were married in San Antonio on September 17, 2005.

Carole faced challenges with courage and a faith that was deeply rooted in God’s word and His love for her.  She was a friend to many and lived her life to the full.

Her husband, Joe, expresses his deepest appreciation to all disciples and friends who have offered encouragement and prayers.  Memorial services for Carole were held in Oakville, Ontario; San Antonio; Durban, South Africa; and Los Angeles.

A video of the Los Angeles service can be viewed at end of the article.  A highlight of the service was Joe’s heartfelt signing of the praise song “Forever”.