Adam Carlson

Adam Carlson was born deaf and raised in the Twin Cities, MN, USA.  He was attending a non-denominational church during his childhood, through high school.  During this time, there was no interpreter available for him to receive much of the Sunday messages.  Adam learned ASL at a young age and had the assistance of an interpreter for his mainstream education.

Adam’s biggest challenge for being deaf is not being able to do what his heart felt compelled to do.  It was always his childhood dream to be in the Law Enforcement field, however heavy use of phone, radio, and the importance of hearing (for the sake of safety) are not things that he is able to do.  He is still on a quest, following wherever God leads him.  God has a plan for him in life, and he wish to seek it out and follow it.

Adam went to a Christian college where he met his future wife.   He married Mikenzie after she graduated college, and he finished 2 years.  Shortly after getting married, Adam got a job at a public school where he met a fellow ICOC disciple.  She introduced Adam to the Church of Christ in Minneapolis, where they made arrangements so that he could have an interpreter for his church services!  Adam became a disciple because this is what God asks of me.  He has made Jesus Lord and Savior on my life, and thus, he wished to be born again in Him. Adam try to follow His footsteps each day, and bear the cross each day as well.

After a year of attendance, and bi-weekly studies with his small groups and pastors, Adam was baptized in June of 2010.  He is still studying the bible everyday with his family, including his wife, who was baptized through another church.

Today, Adam is the only deaf disciple at Minneapolis/ St. Paul Church of Christ.  For this reason, things are a little different.  His ability to communicate with the hearing world is still okay, as he able to lipread somewhat.  Adam does get plenty of attention in church, but it is mostly from his close church family who is making sure that he is doing well 🙂 God bless his church family for going out of their way to make sure he is easily overcome any barriers that his deafness may present. Adam knows that God has a plan for me as a deaf disciple as well, and he plan to use this unique situation that he is to serve Him as best he can.

Ever since Adam was born again, God has truly blessed him.   He has been given an incredible opportunity for a new career.  Adam was given 2 brand new hearing aids by Starkey Labs.  God has also given Adam and Mikenzie a new baby!  We are due to have our first child in July, 2011.

First and foremost, Adam is going to continue to grow in Christ.  He is slowly but surely becoming a true disciple.  His first goal is to help lead by example.  He wants to serve the Lord by giving time, money, and my skills to help others.  Adam does love absolutely everyone that God introduces me to!  He does have more long term goals; however they are not fully formed yet.  His wish is to someday become more involved in the deaf community here, and reach out to some of God’s lost children.   Currently, his work that he does now allows me to meet new deaf people each week.