4th Open-Caption Movie

On Friday, July 20, 2012 at 10pm; for the opening of Batman-The Dark Knight Rises, the Deaf Ministry in San Antonio hosted its 4th Open Caption Movie Night. The event was SOLD OUT! The 135 seat theater was packed with people who were eager to see this acclaimed movie on opening night. We were supposed to be in the theater room 3 but it changed to theater room 5 because of technical difficultly for the digital open-caption. Free sodas were given to those who attended the last event. This is the fourth consecutive month the Deaf Open Caption Movie Night has sold out. God is moving in the deaf community in San Antonio! Joe & Carole Cepeda’s goal is to build strong relationships with the Deaf Community friends.

Special thanks for Brandon Wheeler, Manager at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Stone Oak, and Michael Razzen, co-host of DOCM, for making this event successful. Joe and Michael made announcements 10 minutes before the movie start to say appreciation to our Deaf Community friends and announced for the 5th OC Movie featuring ‘Expendables 2’ on Friday, August 17, 2012. To God be the glory so that those in darkness may see Him!