Simkovsky’s Family

Matt Simkovsky is an interpreter student for the Interpreter Program at San Antonio College. He is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). Matt used to teach ASL classes to disciples. He encouraged them to learn how to communicate in ASL to the Deaf Community. His wife, Diana, is an ASL signer. They have four children. The Simkovsky family moved from San Diego to San Antonio in March 2010. They are constantly involved in the Deaf Ministry, supporting Joe/Carole Cepeda. Matt has over eleven and a half years of Deaf Ministry experience and has lived in Hawaii, San Diego, Singapore, and now in San Antonio.

Matt and I went to the Deaf Expo at Austin, TX from 9am-2:30pm on April 16th, 2011. It was a wonderful experience to see deaf people communicate in ASL and deaf organization booths such as Deaf Link, Sorenson Video Relay Services, Sprint Video Relay Services, Purple, ZVRS, and others. We look forward to supporting one another as our Deaf Ministry grow closer to God. Special thanks for the Simkovsky’s for their passion and support to our Deaf Ministry.