Luke 18: 27 “The Things Which Are Impossible with Men Are Possible with God”

Hello, my name is Courtney Branson and I wanted to share my story I experienced from the Annual CSU Northridge Deaf Service 2012 that was held on on the evening of October 14th. The service was not only inspiring, encouraging, convicting, and challenging, but it was a service that gave me bigger dreams and visions that God has for the Deaf Ministry.

At this particular service, a father and son (Gregg and Zachary Lotane) preached the Word of God. The message was about how past experiences and relationships in our life can affect our future relationship with God. Gregg spoke about his personal experience growing up in a family with little religious background while, Zach shared about his experience growing up in the church. It was very convicting to know, whatever we go through in our life that God is calling us to have a personal relationship with Jesus and at the same time Satan is battling for our souls as well.

As requested and presented at the service, the Deaf Ministry provided sign language interpreters to voice interpret for anyone who lacks knowledge and understanding with American Sign Language. All the interpreters did a great job as well as Leslie who volunteered to interpreted a song named “Change” by Rascal Flatts. The song was very touching to my heart and made me grateful for my relationship I have with the Lord, Jesus!

Followed after the service,attendance’s stayed for Subway sandwiches with chips and drinks which was provided by the church. It was an awesome evening of fellowship with both deaf and hearing individuals. The fellowship could not have been any better!

I want to share my own personal encouragement news! While I was on my way to the service, I prayed with my roommate for specific people I had met the night before. They are awesome people and I invited them to attend the service the next following night. They expressed and accepted my invitation. Sometimes, I feel that my faith can be weak, thinking “Can God really do this? Is it possible God will send my invitees to church?” I can have doubts at times during my walk with God. During my prayer, I thanked God for the people I met and invited. I expressed my faith in God’s work that He can do anything possible. God not only listened to my requested prayer, but He responded. Both of the people I invited came out! Its always great to be reminded that God can do anything that’s possible. All I need is a little faith the size of a mustard seed and God will do the rest! Its always great to see God working and moving in the Deaf Ministry.