DMICOC Website Hosting Fundraiser

My name is Angel and I am assisting as the administrator for this website. In the end of April 2011, I asked Joe if I can help to raise money for the hosting fee of this website, Joe was very grateful and shared with me some ideas for the fundraising activities. Most importantly, we both reminded each other to pray so that God will provide us with a successful fundraiser.

I love dancing and I taught beginner ballroom lessons before, so I thought of “Dancing for Deaf Ministry” fundraiser. Unfortunately, soon after this thought comes to mind.. I had a serious inflammation on my right knee. In the month of May until July, I had a hard time walking. My knee would be aching even when I am laying in bed.

During this time, I faithfully pray and ask God to help the website’s funding. In the middle of August, I got a phone call from an old dancing student of mine asking for private lessons for her daughter. I almost passed this opportunity and give it to a friend of mine because I’m afraid that I will strain my knee. However, my friend had an urgent family issue, and after a lot of prayers, I knew that this came from God.

This past Monday, God helped me to achieved my fundraising goal of $107.40. I am rejoicing and thanking God for His faithfulness and for Him to deliver His promises. Let this testimony glorify our God and may this testimony encourage all the saints as well.

Love in Christ,