Deaf Trivia

Deaf Trivia will be posted with 5 questions each month. Answers will be given with the following month’s Trivia. Good luck on answering those questions. Are you ready for Deaf Trivia?

1. Who invented the Telecommunications for the Deaf (TTY)?

A. Alexander Bell
B. Robert Weitbrechtin
C. Thomas Edison
D. None of the above

2. Where was the first Video Relay Services (VRS) started?

A. United States
B. Canada
C. Sweden
D. France

3. Who invented the first type of hearing aids?

A. Harvey Fletcher
B. Robert E Morley, Jr
C. Gerald R Popelka
D. None of the above

4. Name a deaf actress won the Academy Award in 1996.

A. Deanne Bray
B. Linda Bove
C. Amy Ecklund
D. Marlee Matlin

5. Who was the 1st recorded deaf person in history?

A. Quintus Pedius
B. Deaf son (name unknown) of Croesus
C. Hadrian
D. Princess Katherine Plantagent