Danny Restrom

I have been signing since my first semester in college back in 1999. I started learning sign language in order to communicate with Jorge, a deaf student that wanted to study the Bible. We studied over the course of several months with the Crespo Family until he decided to get baptized! I spent the following year signing/interpreting for Jorge at all campus events, midweeks, and Sunday services. It was incredibly challenging, but faith building and I would have done it again if given a second chance. I have been involved with the deaf community, interpreting community and the Los Angeles Church of Christ’s Deaf Ministry ever since.

It’s kind of funny actually. Originally I didn’t want to go to the San Antonio Conference. I don’t favor situations where there are large crowds. Well, God had different plans (it seems He always does). In hindsight this was a complete blessing, but going into it there was a lot I was not ready for. I consider myself a sufficient interpreter for Sunday Sermons, midweeks, and small group discussions. But this was going to be an entire stadium full of people!  My wife, the lovely and beautiful Jenn, took care of all of the coordinating. So all I had to do was show up and do my job.

It was great meeting all of the interpreters, deaf and hard of hearing, and others interested in the Deaf Ministry and/or sign language. The week was a blur really and I can’t recall anything specific that impacted me. I do remember how easy it was to work with all of the other volunteer interpreters. You are all great people and are doing a great service in God’s Kingdom. Amen!