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7-6-12 Deaf Conference: Building for Life

The Deaf Ministries of the U.S. Churches of Christ held their very first ICOC Deaf Conference of the 21st century, during at the World Discipleship Summit in San Antonio, TX from July 5-8, 2012. Joe Collins is Evangelist and Deaf Ministry Leader in the Los Angeles North Region. In the videos shown below, Mr. Collins taught a lesson on “Building for Life.”

RSL song by Roman Harchuk

Roman Harchuk, is a deaf disciple from Vinnitsya, Ukraine. He performed a special song for the sisters called Red Rose in Russian Sign Language. Videos shown below with English scripts.

Christmas Shoes & Winter Wonderland in ASL

9th Annual Caroling by Candlelight at Arneson River Theater in San Antonio downtown on Sunday, December 18th, 2011 from 530pm-8pm.

Matt Simkovsky performed “Christmas Shoes” song in ASL.

Joe Cepeda & Matt Simkovsky performed “Winter Wonderland” song in ASL.