Burundi Deaf Ministry

Romain is an awesome disciple from Ivory Coast. He came to Burundi on the 29th of September 2021 with the goal of strengthening the Deaf Ministry in this church in Bujumbura. At the time of his arrival, there were only three deaf brothers in the church in Bujumbura. Since his arrival, Romain has been training deaf brother Janvier on how to study the bible along with other deaf disciples as well as having effective bible talks in the Deaf Ministry. Romain and Janvier bonded very quickly and moved around spreading the benefits and blessings of the church as they taught the word of God to the deaf community. Romain taught very many people the Bible and because of this dedication, four eventually started to attend church two weeks after meeting Romain. Of these four, three were baptized on the 19th of October 2021. The three new disciples Thierry, Ferdinand, & Abraham are from a small village called Gihanga which is about 30 Km from the city of Bujumbura. They also taught the children in a deaf boarding school (EPHARTA) in Bujumbura focusing their teachings in the evenings when classes were over. Romain and Janvier invited many deaf parishioners to church for Saturday studies and Sunday church services. Because of their dedication to the Deaf Ministry, there are now six deaf disciples and two interpreters at Burundi. God bless the labor of Romain and Janvier hands and we give Him the glory for their inspiring dedication to the deaf ministry in the church.

Thiery is one of the three brothers in Christ. He is in white. Next to him is Janvier.
Left is Abraham, in white in the middle is Thiery, next to him in white is Ferdinard